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Wife In The Fast Lane

Lenght: 01:21:00 

Year: N/A

Director: N/A

Amber Lynn
Tracey Adams
Herschel Savage
David Cannon

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Les jouisseuses

Some of the female names in the credits and in Le Dictionnaire – Babette, Cecillia (not in on-screen the credits), Françoise Beccarie (Chouky Crack) – could not be assigned to the females captured and listed as unknowns. Further work needs to be done. The pre-credit sequence involves a young Alain Payet in a fairly amusing sight gag, the funniest part of the film to a non-French speaker.

Lenght: 01:09:24 

Year: 1974 

Director: Lucien Hustaix

Claudine Beccarie   
Colette Mareuil   
Ellen Earl   
Jean-Claude Reminiac   
Jacques Marbeuf   
Toni Morena   
Guy Bonnafoux   
Jacques Couderc   
Andre Chanu   
Jacques Carsi   
Richard Lemieuvre   
Alain Payet   
Michel Potard   

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Danger femmes liberees

Lenght: 01:22:03 

Year: 1987 

Director: Alain Payet

Mina Houghe   
Michel Duchezeau   
Marie Disnel   
Piotr Stanislas   
Cathy Menard   
Dominique Lestournel   
Karin Nussbaum   
Andre Kay   
Pascale Vital   
Etienne Jaumillot   
Rosy Stuart   
Franck Buick   
Tanya Valis   
Jean-Claude Cazes   
Dalila Bensenouci   

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No Mans Land 2

Gaze into the crystal ball of the fortune-teller. Three beautiful women are given a glimpse into their erotic future. Three women about to embark on a sexual journey into the realm of female lust where they become lost in the velvet folds and caresses of other beautiful women.

Lenght: 01:24:08 

Year: 1989 

Director: Steve Rosenberg

Andrea Brittian   
Lauryl Canyon   
Rachel Ashley   
Sharon Mitchell   
Tami White   

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Bubble Butts 17

An accounting executive by day, lovely Meekah (our cover girl) knows well how to hide her earnings. Meanwhile, priding himself on his thorough audits, Don “The Peter Prober” digs deep inside her back pocket to uncover her most hidden assets. Where keeping house is concerned, Summer Knight’s newest servant, Autumn definately has her priorities straight. The house might be a disaster area, but Summer’s pussy and butt are tongue swabbed ten times daily to a sparkling sheen you could eat off. Holy Cow. When Paul steps into his backyard to find his East Indian girlfriend hotter than his bubbling Jacuzzi. He feels the need to douse the smoldering embers a bit. He sneaks up behind her to give her behind the back door hosing of her life.

Lenght: 01:19:56 

Year: 1993 

Director: Bobby Hollander

Ashley Phillips   
Pamela Dee   
Summer Knight   

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Hollywood Starlets 2

Lenght: 02 h 08 min 21 sec

Year: 1995 

Director: N/A

Satin Sheets   
Randy De Troit   
Regan Senter   

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Festin De Chair

A young couple invites friends (including a gay) to spent some time in their house at the seaside and what should happen, happens.

Lenght: 01:15:52 

Year: 1990 

Director: D. Serranno

Corinne Carmona   
Chris Darincourt   
Dominique Silvero   

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The Little Sluts

Before dying, and before making him his universal legatee, an old libertine count teaches his nephew to use a magic flute through which it will be first “un-virgin” himself then will seduce all women he wishes.

Lenght: 01:19:11 

Year: 1977 

Director: Richard Stephen

Erika Cool   
Marlene Myller   
Sigrid Cellier    
Sophie Bulle   
Jean Cherlian   
Ray Prevet   
Philippe Prevet   
Jacques Couderc   
Cyril Val   
Gaston Meunier   
Guy Bonnafoux   
Madou Sall   

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